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Hi, I am Lisa.
I am a qualified teacher of Chinese (Mandarin) - both for Chinese and foreign students. I graduated from Chongqing Teachers’ College in 1999 as an Honor student. I taught at no.12 Middle School in Sichuan as a Chinese teacher from 1999 to 2003. At the same time I acquired a lot of practical experience in teaching Chinese to Foreigners. After two years I got the qualification certificate as a teacher of Chinese Language. That means I am qualified to teach Chinese in any accredited school on Mainland China.

From 2003 to 2006 I worked at Global Exchange Center in Beijing. During these years, my main work was to teach Chinese Language to foreign students from all over the world (especially Europe and the US). Besides teaching, I was also in charge of training other teachers, preparing the teaching plans as well as improving and implementing the curriculum.

In 2006 I was looking for a new challenge and decided to run my own Language School and to teach students at their homes or business people in their offices. As students seem to like my approach to teaching the language and since my time is only limited, I have also other qualified teachers of Chinese who help me to keep up availability of small classes and a high standard of quality within the school.

I believe that the best approach to learning Chinese is to focus on oral practice and listening comprehension. I do not speak English in class and help students to enjoy fast progress by a total immersion into the language and culture - each with his or her individual pace and program.