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Frequently Asked Questions
...and all the answers.
1. Can I join as an absolute beginner of Chinese?
My Chinese learning program is open for students at all levels and no minimum language ability is required. Of course, participants of group lessons must have comparable levels.

2. What is the exact booking process?
Once you have sent your register form to Lisa Mandarin, you will receive a confirmation for your booking, an invoice and further details. You will need to pay a deposit to confirm your booking and the rest of your invoice before the first lesson.
3. How early should I register?
I suggest that you apply as early as possible, but no later than 2 weeks in advance. This way it is easier to find the right place at the right date for you.

4. What are the minimum requirements for your program?
There are no restrictions except that you should be able to understand basic English. You are welcome as beginner or at advanced levels, whatever age you are. For participants aged over 60, a doctor's statement of good health is required.

5. How do I pay for the lessons?
With the confirmation of your booking, you will get an invoice and payment details and will be asked to pay a deposit payment of 20% of the fee. The remaining school fee you will have to pay before the first lesson.

6. What types of accomodation are there?
Lisa Mandarin recommends to stay and live with a family in Beijing. This is the best way to use what you learn in school. You can also book a room in an appartment shared with other students or a room in a hotel. Of course, you are also free to arrange for your own accomodation and only book lessons with us.

7. How can I make a reservation for accomodation?
Indicate on the register form what type of accomodation you selected. I will inform you with the confirmation about the availability of your selected type.

8. How does the homestay with a family work?
There are quite some things you probably want to know. Thus we have prepared a separate sheet to give you all the information about family homestay:  
9. Are there any family rules to consider for homestay?
Yes. As we appreciate the friendly and cooperative relationship with our homestay families, there are some easy rules to live after. Please see:
10. What do I need to bring along with me?
The host family will prepare all the bedding in your room. Please bring additional items not mentioned along with you, but keep in mind that nowadays you can easily get almost any product or brand in Beijing that you would find at home.

11. What about insurance?
Lisa Mandarin accepts no liability except for the quality of the courses offered. You need to make sure that you have your own insurance according to your own needs (travel, health, etc.).

12. What is the best way to bring money with me?
You can take cash or travelers checks in most common currencies. Most credit cards are also accepted in Beijing. For longer stays, a bank account may be opened in China.

13. What is the weather like in Beijing?
Winter (Dec-Mar) in Beijing is dry, windy and temperature hovers around 0 degrees Celsius for most of the season. Down jackets are recommended. Spring (Apr-May) is brief, but temperatures are pleasant (13-18 degrees Celsius). Summer (Jun-Aug) is hot with humidity and afternoon thundershowers. The average temperature is 26 degrees Celsius. Fall (Sep-Nov) temperatures range from 5 degrees to the mid-teens. Evenings may turn unexpectedly cold. Light jackets or sweaters are needed.

14. Does the school organize any free time programs?
Most homestay families will invite you to join their free-time activities. The teachers will also help you to find the best places around Beijing.

15. What are other costs I should be aware of?
Our program fee includes tuition, accomodation and dinner as per your booking. You also need to consider the costs for other meals, transportation, your excursions and the occasional souvenir.

16. The best way to make telephone calls in Beijing?
You either use your mobile phone (may be expensive due to your provider's roaming charges) or buy telephone cards. You can also very easily have your own local telephone number for your mobile by registering one at a cost of RMB235. 
Further information
If you have other specific questions about Lisa Mandarin, the lessons or accomodation, please just send us a short e-mail.